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Pipepusher. I agree, the “belled” joints should face the flow or be uphill, however in Australia there is no requirement or instruction. Common sense tells me that the “belled” end should be uphill, but realistically, as I said should you use a socket, then one joint must be backward, a rubber ring socket actually leaves a separation because of expansion. We can go into the pro’s & con’s but given a situation recently when one of my licensed plumbers fitted a 150mm sewer pipe socket in reverse the local inspector questioned it, we discussed the problem & agreed that should I cut the offending joint out (solvent welded) & inserted two slip couplings and a short section of pipe, there would be two reverse joints, similarly the junction it was attached to had a reverse joint as did the rest of the fittings within the installation. Which way should the Belled end face? should be uphill but doesnt have any drastic effect other than asthetics & bloody minded attitudes, if faced with an inspector demanding change, I believe that I would request a written defect according to the regulations, as there are no such requirements he would be stuffed. Jeans question, I believe related to Stormwater.In Australia (Queensland) there is no requirement to be licensed for the installation of stormwater, installations are regulated under the Building Code of Australia for new work, but not regulated otherwise.
By the way from where do you come? why don’t you fill in the Profile? Isnt it great to have the oportunity to disagree or even discuss a plumbing subject.

Mr. Morton I am really honored that the Wanker thought you and I are the same. This Goes to show you how the PVC glue ruined an idiots little brain

To bad Loz does not insist on having someone put a profile on here this way the BUMS who are never going to be plumbers/drainers/gasfitters/fire supression piping contractors/ boiler inspectors will stop posting about topics they have no clue to proper installations.

Yes a plastic fitting has a hub (bell) on both sides BUT the hub should be pointing in the direction of flow.

Also the so called American plumbing industry board does not follow through with removing the non knowing from dabbling in the field.

Half the bums here cannot even explain how to install and size a suds pressure zone let alone install proper radius fittings.
Ask them to explain a simple sud pressure zone and where to install it.

The members of Oz, Canada, England etc. really puts this country to shame when it comes to finding really qualified blokes.

It is a shame We can not inport you folks as plumbers/gas fitters here THEN we would have the best of both worlds. GREAT Mechanics and the best materials available.


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