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Your up on the sunshine coast ?? Cooroy?

Was at a meeting a couple of weeks back where Jimmy Graham (Brisbane chief Plumbing Inspector) Informed us that as of Jan 1st 2002, all Stormwater laid in Brisbane(including domestic) will come under the Brisbane Council Plumbing Inspectors. all pipe sizing to code and correctly laid and bedded.
That will stuff a few blokes up that quote using 90mm.

You know Bungie it is about time plumbing authorties finally woke up and decided to get rid of the stumblebums dabbling in “piping”

The key is PROPER INSTALLATION and sizing of course.

What we need in this country is to call ALL plumbers into a building department and give them a “plumbing test” and then put out of buiness anyone who cannot properly answer code and theroy questions.

Today a lot of so called plumbers are more concerned about flat rape pricing then actually learning the skills required to read and understand how to install pipe and fittings.


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