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Robert Stephen Morton

Mr Pipepusher. Call me Bob, Im not old enough to be Mr, I have been called worse though, especially by my friends. Still hav’nt got an answer to the easy way to align a Laser.
In Oz a socket is a double ended female coupling, for use in joining two spigotts or male ends of pipe. we have bends in either m&f or f&f, Junctions in m&f or f&f, in fact every sewer or stormwater fitting except a Disconnector trap can be in either m&f or f&f, Doesnt matter how you join them, if you use a f&f fitting, you end up with a reverse joint. Pipe only comes either belled or unbelled. You seem to infer the importance of standards in these matters, but I am confused, how do lay persons carry out installations for GAS,WATER,SEWER, in fact any plumbing in America, then ask & get answers from Licences Plumbers, is there no ethics or pride in the industry in America? In Australia a Licensed Person is responsible for any work that they may carry out, they are also responsible for any advice they may give as proffessionals. In Queensland it is an offence carrying a fine of $12.000.00 for a unlicensed person to carry out any licenced work. I for certain am not about to aid or abett an offence
Ours might be an upside down backward country, but methinks my little pile of dung is warm & safe. While sitting on my front verandah gazing at the Coral sea this morning, I was having breakfast of sliced mango on toast with toasted cheese, I pensivly wondered how the Rich & better off people of this world could possibly be happier.


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