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Mr.Morton If you use a socket or a belled end as long as you lay either with the socket or bell uphill to begin with ,why would one have to be in reverse?I have never seen a pipe with a bell or socketon both ends.Guess you lost me ,maybe I am brain dead tonight.Thanks

Mr. Pipe pusher PLEASE think for one minute Or better yet READ a book like something in the order of the CIPSI Cast Iron pipe standards institute publications.

There is something brand new in these books that only have been around since the early 1800s and are STILL made today for real plumbers who want quality drainage systems.

This brand new 150 plus year old plumbing fitting is called DOUBLE HUB cast Iron soil pipe.

The beauty of using extra heavy cast Iron double hub is less waste as with single bell and spigot pipe. DUHHHHHHH

You see sir standard cast Iron pipe comes in 5 foot lenths BUT suppose a REAL legitimate plumber knew what they were doing and needed only a 2 foot piece of pipe then what?

Does he just cut the single hub pipe and throw away the plain end?

I don’t think so, I think a real mechanic would use a double hub pipe and thus have a “Bell” to use some place else rather then waste materials But then again this NEW product is only 150 years old and word has not gone out yet in the trades about this well kept secrete piping arrangement that was well hidden in BOOKS

Ah the joys of reading posting from “plumbers” on these boards makes me really want to try to learn my trade better BUT unfortunately I have no one to ask so I read publications from manufacturers which work wonders in lieu of finding really good skill levels on these lists.

Now considering some folks never HEARD or read anything about this kind of piping is it any wonder why someone not knowing the proper job would place the bell facing down stream.

I guess my Sylvan Learning center will have to open more branch offices for plummm folks who never read fitting manuals

By the way GUY your NOT brain dead what has happened and not your fault. It is America no longer bothers to train mechanics properly and thankfully England and Canada will come to our rescue when we need really great mechanics as America can still settle for the tract house and AAV mentality BUT if we want Quality we need foreign trained folks.

May God Bless the Queen.


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