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Thanks for replying. “Is he a professional?” – LOL. I live “out in the sticks”, and he went bankrupt after building my place – good with his hands, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I’m looking at a budget around $1k (US) – that’s about how much of an annoyance the problem justifies me spending, at least at this time. I have not looked too much into re-piping the line, but I am starting to consider it. The only way I could even come near budget is if I rent a ditch-witch and do the trenching myself. It will still require professional assistance for connection at the street and at the house – plus, a backhoe will still be needed both at the house and at the street, for connection. Winter is approaching here, so this option will have to remain on the back shelf until Spring – so it looks like this project is not going to happen until then.

The idea about the tank with a check valve seems the most realistic to me. How big of a tank though? I can get an 85 gallon tank for a reasonable price – it’s the same type of tank that would be used on a well-type water system – rubber pressurized bladder. How would this system work? I understand that the valve would be closed when the pressure in the tank is higher than the pressure in the line. What happens when I start drawing water from the tank? Could I starve the pump when I near emptying the tank (the only supply coming from the street, when the check valve is open)? If you could walk me through the operation of the system (i.e. how it works, in theory) that would be most appreciated.


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