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Leading Swiss brand Geberit brings bathroom design into the future

Swiss brand Geberit creates a touchless bathroom experience with a new touchless flush plate designed by celebrated Swiss designer Daniel Irányi.
The innovative Geberit Sigma80 is a touch-free, glass electronic plate that operates with the wave of your hand – the ultimate in seamless style in the bathroom

Celebrate World Environment Day with a glass of tap water!

Australia Beautiful NSW would like to ask all Australians to celebrate this 2013 World Environment Day, Wednesday 5 June, by toasting with a glass of tap water instead of buying pre-packaged bottle water. The initiative would save resources from bottled water production and transportation services, and reduce the amount of bottles going into landfill

Solar innovation

Bosch Product Manager Julia Williams believes solar hot water systems are a logical addition to Bosch’s product range.

The decision to move into solar hot water systems was far from hasty for Bosch, and it was only made due to the benefits of the brand’s various research and development facilities across Europe

Toilets get new ventilation

A new technology that removes unwanted odours from the toilet is a potential upsell for plumbers and could put an end to smelly bathrooms forever.

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. Nobody. The problem is that there’s a limitation to how much odour an air freshener can mask

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