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    If your water heater is electric, then your lower element is burned out and needs to be replaced so you can get back to having a full tank of hot water again.

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    I would say it is your best intrest to call a plumber that does repair work and have him fixt it.

    The only way you can thaw plastic pipes out underground is with a steamer.

    Many cities up in our northern parts of the United States and some drain cleaning companies have steam geneators with hose and nozzles to thaw frozen storm sewers out.

    The steamer will work on plastic water and sewer pipes but; the service person has tobe very careful not to get to close to the pipe when it is incerted into the ground.

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    If you don’t have any pumps on the plumbing system, a plumbing pipe could be comming in contact with part of the homes heating/cooling system duct, thus creating the problem.

    You will have to search around for any pipes comming in contact and put in the proper pipe hangers to secure them better.

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    Are you on a well with a pump?

    Or, do you have city water?

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    Maybe you can change out the valve without much water comming out if it is pluged enough in the bottom of the heater.

    Once you replace the plastic valve with a Ball Valve and short nipple you will want to take along screwdriver with the ball valve open and poke around inside until the water flushes out the deposits in the bottom of the tank.

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    Im not a moderator but I sure would like to know what posting/s on this page you are looking at.

    There are a number of very good plumbers here and most of them always direct the home owner to a licensed plumber when they get in over there heads null

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    Get some estamates from at least two licensed plumbing compaines, jobs can greatly vary.

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    I would say you better protect it from freezing, you should also ask about other possible methods.

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    I’ll do a new post so you can see what our Cooperative has to say.

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    “The Rest of the Story”

    If you will e-mail me your fax number I will send you some very interesting facts about tankless water heaters.

    I would only have a tank type water heater in my house.

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    We need alot more information on the type of heating system you have?

    in reply to: Frozen Pipes HELP! #297420

    Yes, replace with Raychem heat-tracing system that is self-regulating and automatically adjust the power as needed.

    It’s safer and you can even insulate the pipes.

    in reply to: How to chlorinate a well? #297397

    It is better to use the powder chlorin that is used in swimming pools.

    You should call your County Health Department and they can give you all the information you will need todo a safe effect job.

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    I have never replaced my anode rod but I do drain a bucket of water out of the drain valve about every other month and have flushed the entire water heater out a few years ago.

    My house was built in 1970 and the mfg. date on the water heater is 1969, that makes it an easy 36 years old.

    It’s a natural gas 30 gallon tall boy Day/Night heater and it only cost me about $7.00 U.S. dollars a month to operate for the wife & I.

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