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    It is possible something in the piping could be restricting the flow. Some times when you turn off the water, when it is turn back on sediment or debris moves and gets stuck in a valve or fitting. 80 psi is alot of pressure. You loose roughly 4 psi per story so you still probaly have over 70psi on the second floor. This is probably a volume problem rather than a pressure problem. I need to know more to help you.
    You said your tub/shower faucet has less pressure. What is the pressure like in the other fixtures in the same bathroom?

    What brand tub/shower faucet? How old?

    Are there separate valves for the second floor?

    Are they gate valves, ball valves or stops?

    What type and size piping?

    in reply to: septic smell in basement #301183

    In reply to message posted by mattc:
    The smell is not coming from a toilet so I don’ t think it is a bad wax ring issue.

    Sometimes a wax ring can leak odor but not water. Anothe thing that happens is when you are searching for a source of the odor you become immune to the smell and consequently when you arew near the source you don’t smell it. I have experienced odor leaks that the wind was forcing the odor through the vent sytem to the wax ring. I would replace the wx rings especiallly if a toilet in basement and look at it when the toilet is first pulled up to verify if this is the problem or rule it out.


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    I my opinion it is probably the air pressure in the tank. If it is a captive air tank or bladder tank it shoud have 2 PSI less than the switch cut in pressure. 20 psi cut in on the switch should have 18 psi in tank with no water pressure. Another common thing is the pipe nipple between the switch and the system corrodes shut causing a dely between the time the system pressure drops and the switch senses it. Hope this helps.

    in reply to: leeching field under our driveway #301179

    You do not want to drive over a septic field or leech bed. I doubt that would even pass inspection.

    in reply to: Need to hit RED RESET on Bradford White everyday #297279

    US we have two live legs 110 – 120 Volt each on an average water heater. So the elements always have 110/120 on one side, unless it is a 120V heater.

    I have no experience outside the US but I agree with you on the safety issue.

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    You probably should require them to install a prv at the main line and an exp tank for the water heatr. They must have had a high pressure problem at one time to have a PRV in the first place. You probably already know most codes in the US require the PRV if inlet pressure exceeds 80 psi.

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    I would pull the toilet immediately and take out side, turn it upside down and get the pen. You do not want it to go beyond the toilet to your main sewer. How do you know it is a pen in there?

    in reply to: PEX failures – HELP #297319

    Are the fittings leaking or the joint itself? Maybe you could treat the water. Need more info.

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    On 220 Volt two leg system the thermostat breaks one leg of power the other leg is live to the element. It is rare but it does happen. I have only been doing plumbing and heating for 26 years.

    in reply to: Gas line Problem #298439

    I don’t trust gas fitings in a wall. Eventually it will leak, might take fifty years or it may leak next week. Theproblem is you will not be able to detect a leak in the wall cavity and could find it the hard way, as described by Peter. Did your plumber do a pressure test?

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    in reply to: Flexible copper piping and propane #298449

    Copper is used frequently on propane. Did your engineer say why the gas line was unacceptable? You could contact the propane company.

    in reply to: Leaking leaded joint #297314

    If it is copper tube I would recommend a CTS cmpression Ftg unless you have access to a 1″ flaring tool.

    in reply to: Need to hit RED RESET on Bradford White everyday #297275

    I have seen elements develop a hole and short through the water and heat constantly. With the water hot and thermostats turned down, check for amp draw at each wire connected to the elements.

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    Old Plumbers never die – they just go down the drain.

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