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      I’ve changed three older 3-handle, 8″ wide brass shower valves in the last couple weeks, and wonder if the inlet fittings on the older valves are the same as the new ones (sometimes it’s a real trick to get the old ones off). Using new Delta valves, some seem to fit hand tight, but I’m not sure enough to tighten them up and risk the threads, so I’ve been taking the old ones off completely, and putting on the new fittings. Is this necessary, would the old ones connect properly to the new valves?
      thx – Jim

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      The union fittings are not generic, in fact older ones from the same brand do not always interchange. You should use the new connections, but nothing that goes in the wall is “hand tight”.

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      My comment about “hand tight” was just that before I throw a wrench on them and tighten them up, I’ve screwed one or two together by hand to see if they’re matching fittings. Because I can’t tell for sure, and darn sure don’t want to leave a potential problem inside the wall, I’ve changed all of them for the complete new union. Thanks for confirming!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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