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      thanks for the inquiry, I have only just pulled it up and will make the necessary calls to come up with a good outcome for you.
      By the way I spoke to Alan Grasset and he was thrilled about your kind remarks on asking how he was. For your information he is doing well as the Industry Specialist Plumbing for the State. He has had a major influence on the Plumbing Industry and all that makes it tick.
      I will get back to you this week Andrew.
      All the best
      Colin Dunn
      Head of Studies
      North Sydney TAFE

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      Hello Colin, Thanks for your follow up on the
      Employee/subcontractor question. Any more info would be
      greatly appreciated.
      Do you remember me from Meadowbank Tafe. Maybe not,
      its going back about 12 years. I took 12 months off and
      went to work in a drawing office…you wrote me
      a very kind reference when I left…ring a bell??
      Other guys in the class were Andy Dawson, Kerry?,
      Terry, and thats all I can remember.

      Here from you soon…

      Kindest regards

      Andrew Dickinson

Viewing 1 reply thread
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