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      My clothes washer is restricting the amount of cold water it puts into the tank. I have plenty of hot water, but little cold water going in. As a result, the water in the tank is always hotter then it should be. My first thought was water pressure – I checked the cold water valve on the wall, hooked up my garden hose, and determined it has plenty of water pressure. Next, I disconnected the cold water intake at the washing machine, and cleaned the water screen. The result was no noticable difference. I am still getting only a trickle of cold water coming into the tank. What would you recommend my next step be? Thanks, Dave Wagner.

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      Hey Dave simple test OK? Try reversing the H&C hoses and then see if the hot water also trickles out IF so you have a bad solenoid valve TA DUM

      Shut off the water prior to reversing the hoses

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      Thank you Sylvan! I followed your guidance, and needed to replace the valve/solenoid assembly. Took 20 minutes. Best wishes, Dave Wagner.

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      Your very welcome Dave glad I could be assistance.
      Now considering you did save the price of a service call and the hefty mark up on the part you replaced how about you doing me a big favor.

      Take what ever you feel would be the proper payment you would have paid a local appliance repair person and donate this amount to the local children’s Leukemia society in your area.
      Thank you . Have a great week end Sylvan

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