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      We are pleased introduce our newest, revolutionary mechanical Bidet.
      You all know the many health
      benefits of using Bidet. And our patented bidet
      provides you:

      a). Patented spiral waterflow design
      b). Adjustable water flow & massage COMPLETE cleaning.
      c). LOVE your vital skin,Dry with minimum toilet paper
      d). Easy operation & installation.
      e). Stainless steel & strong ABS material
      f). Requires no additional space, no electricity.
      g). No in-wall plumbing required
      h). Attaches to any standard toilet etc.

      And Affordable Price.

      You may have a look at our website:

      Temple Star’s policy has always been
      to establish long term business
      relationship with our esteemed clients.
      Feel free to contact us.

      Thanks for your time again and
      have a nice day.

      Temple Star Inc. (Taiwan)

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      What NSF number does it have? What provisions for back flow preventing?

      Was this device tested and approved by the ASSE? Of course you did get an ASTM rating on this item? Is it approved for ADA and barrier free designs?
      Thank you..

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      You are joking, aren’t you. In fact the device looks like it is rigidly fastened in place. That means that the first water used each time is actually flushing the “impurities” out of it. (I wonder where they will go?) The only thing it does not have is a red and white target for the boys to aim at, but they will hit it anyway.

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      yes HJ I was kidding LOL

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      I thought so, since I do not see how this item could have passed any of those tests.

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      HJ you got to love the fact the picture showed the potable water supply was below the flood level rim of the WC. Back flow prevention should NEVER be a concern to countries EXPORTING stuff. Why worry about codes? Who needs a vacuum breaker ?

      Amazing the education we get on here. Have a great one

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