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      Narinder Panesar

      Is there a special tool to remove the retaining nut that holds the drains in the sink? I have been trying to use a pipe wrench, but had no success.

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      It is not too special, and it is called a hacksaw. The nuts usually have rusted to the point where they will not move, or the installer will get putty into the threads and they will not move either.

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      Yes, Kirk there is a “special tool” it is called a 6 way wrench made by Sexauer/Creed and 4 dozen other companies.

      Normally to free an old basket type strainer I have found a hammer and chisel works wonders.

      All you do is take an 8 oz ball peen
      hammer and hold the chisel on one of the edges of the strain retaining ring (NUT) and give it one or two whacks THEN you can use a 10″ or 12″ or 14″ pipe wrench to loosen it the rest of the way.

      A lot of the newer nuts are garbage white metal and if your lucky the 2 hits with the hammer and chisel will often crack this nut in half END OF PROBLEM.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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