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      Hot water flow from some (but not all) of my faucets are much slower than cold water flow from the same faucet. I think this means some of my hot water lines are partially blocked. How do I increase hot water flow? Thanks for your help!

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      If your water piping is old galvanized pipe you can pretty much assume it is starting to rust shut. There are a number of temporary fixes, but the best and most permanent is to repipe.

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      Try BACK flushing. In another words shut off you H/W supply at the heater open a faucet hot water some place else AFTER you remove the aerator. Then go to the faucets giving you the problem and hold your hand over the spout opening and TURN on the hot water
      ( note nothing should come out but as possible vacuum sucking in air) and cold water to force the cold into the hot water line. If you see lots of rust particles you had better put something aside for a possible repipe job later on.

      This is best performed with 2 people.

      Don’t even think of using an air compressor or any more pressure than the regular house pressure as you could very well jam up everything with the loose sediment.
      Have fun and don’t forget to pen all the valves you closed and close all the valves you opened and replace the aerators

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