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      Daniel Avadanutei

      I am finishing off my garage and decided to add a bathroom sink and a kitchen sink. Laying around I had ABS fittings and PVC pipe. Since they fit perfectly, I glued all the ABS fittings and PVC pipe together using PVC glue (and primer). Am I in big trouble? The joints seem to hold very well. No leaks. Is there some long term problem that I will encounter later – like if I put hot water down the drain? Remember this is a drainage system so it is not pressurized. I appreciate your responses.

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      Retired plbg1

      What did your glue can say, I never used ABS pipe before cause we dont use it around here, but I always thought they had a special glue, it probably will hold just what it. You could get a hold of ABS people.

      Art retired plbg

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      Hi In UK we use both ABS and PVC whilst it is not advisable to mix the systems our ABS glue will work on PVS but the PVC glue should only be used on PVC.Joints on non pressurised systems will normally hold up anyway but the pipe may be softened by the glue and afected by very hot water.Keep an eye on the exposed joints, any joints in concrete will be cooled by surrounding mass and should be OK.Our tins are clearly marked for the purpose to be used.

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      PVC glue will weld ABS to PVC, but I’m not sure if ABS glue will do the same for PVC. The main problem with mixing PVC and ABS in drainage fitings is that the materials have dissimilar thermal expansion coeeficients, and this means that PVC/ABS can separate. All the plumbing codes prohibit glued connections between ABS and PVC, but permit mechanical connections, such as via Fernco fittings.


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      There is a mulit-purpose glue made for joining different types of pipe together.I think it is made by Oatley.Works great.I use it alot on swimming pool work where most of the pool filters etc. are abs and the pipe available in my area is pvc.

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