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      We recently installed a full bathroom in our basement. We needed to put a pump because our existing
      plumbing pipes were not installed in the basement floor. There is a terrible odor coming up from the bathtub
      drain. We cannot even sit in the other rooms in the basement because the odor is so bad. What is this from?
      What is the cause of it? Can the problem be fixed? Is this common with bathroom built in the basement? Look
      forward to your answer. HELP!

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      It’s not too common unless it’s not plumbed right. Did a plumber do the installation? it sounds like it’s either not trapped at all or at least not correctly.

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      It sounds like you may have an improper vent connection OR the installer may have made a common mistake of forgetting to trap this fixture thinking the sump tank could act as a trap. Not only should the fixture be vented (NOT pro vent as it is not a professional job only a low life would use an AAV) But the Sump tank should also be vented.

      The stench your smelling could very easily cause you a severe health hazard and not be taken lightly. Good luck

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