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      what are the code requirements for a handicap toilet & urinal?

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      The toilet has to be exactly 18″ center from the side wall. The flush handle has to be on the side away from the wall and the bowl has to be 18″ high. The urinal has to be 15″ to the lip.

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      Thanks,i also need the room dimensions. Thanks again,
      Rich C

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      Hi Rich. From what I remember from the ADA and Barrier free design AND the Model plumbing codes the following has to be taken into consideration for the Handicapped “toilet”

      1-The Handicapped stall shall be 3 feet wide and 5 ft-6 inches in depth

      2- If a door is provided it has to be 32 inches and swings out to accommodate a wheel chair

      3- The water closet seat shall be set 17-19 Inches above the floor

      4- The stall shall be provided with Grab bars on either side, and these grab bars must have an out side diameter of 11/2″ and must be set 33″ to 36″ above the finished floor

      5- These PARALLEL grab bars must be provided with an 11/2″ Clearance from the wall

      The Urinal ruffling is dependent of the manufacturers TYPE and local codes shall prevail, BUT normally a wall hung Urinal is 21″ MAX to the rim and a pedistal type is also 21″ max.

      [Edited by SylvanLMP on 03 May 2000]

Viewing 3 reply threads
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