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      Where can a person get a toilet, faucet, or shower head that doesn’t have a water saver mechanism inside it?

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      MOVE to a country where they could careless about conservation and folks only care about themselves.


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      OK, what if I don’t want to move, and don’t want to hire a REAL licensed plumber?

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      Build an OUT HOUSE with a garden hose. Dont forget the Vacuum breaker
      [Edited by SylvanLMP on 28 August 2000]

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      I am willing to send you the contraband you want, but I will need your name, phone number, address, and the name of who will be installing it.
      Of course, I’d have to fly to Mexico to get it, and if I’m caught, I’d have to tell the authorities how you are violating federal conservation laws, and local ordinances regarding unlicensed plumbers. I’m willing to join this unethical venture, but I will not go to jail for you, sorry. That is where I draw the line.
      [Edited by Richard on 28 August 2000]

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      wald1dav: There are thousands of these items that can be had for next to nothing at junk yards and used building material salvage yards.
      You realize of course that if you are caught with any of these illegal goodies your fannie will be suckin canal water. Those people who have been appointed by the folks we have hired to run this very complex society are empowered to put a serious hurt on your little pink body if you so much as discuss circumventing the water restricting laws of the land.
      As a matter of fact by the time you have finished reading this post, your name and address..bank account ..real estate holdings and other personal assets will have been frozen by the long arm of the water police.
      Your only chance now is to borrow enough money from friends and relatives to smuggle you out of the country. I read recently of a case such as yours where this dude sucessfully slipped out of this country and now is living in the remote bush country of Borneo.
      He is having a difficult time adjusting to the local culture.
      Communal bathing and toilet facilities are a fact of life in the bush. One toilet..one faucet and one shower for 400 natives does create a scheduling problem that takes a little getting used to. The odor from untreated waste..the flys.. the leprosy and malaria are also a source of concern.
      Better get a move on before it’s to late…lots of luck..Bud

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      Bud, you took the words right out of my mouth, but at my age, it would have taken me a couple of months to form them. You are one bright, sun of a gun, with so much wisdom. I look forward to all your postings as well as our Pal, Sylvan’s.

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      Hey, lets all go back to the days where we all drove muscle cars I’m sure that we would all be dead in a week. Think about all of the pollution that would create one city with 4 million 1970 426 Hemi cudas going to work everyday getting 8 miles to the gallon. Would you get there any quicker? Oh and can we all start burning wood for heat again who needs those dam forest any way?

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      “Where can a person get a toilet, faucet, or shower head that doesn’t have a water saver mechanism inside it?”

      Why ??

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      One thing I would not tell you to do is to take the plumbing part apart and drill out the small hole that stops the water from flowing. Because that would be breaking the law.

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      “Where can a person get a toilet, faucet, or shower head that doesn’t have a water saver mechanism inside it?”

      Why ?

      Cuz that’s what they use for water injection contol on hemi cudas

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