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        I have an old Crane kitchen sink. I would prefer to replace the fixture, rather than tear out the sink and start over. I am looking for a chrome faucet, two handles, and sprayer that mount on a 45 degree angle. Any ideas as to where I could look? Online? 800 numbers? Mailing addresses? Your advice will be appreciated!! Thank you.

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          You may want to try a plumbing salvage yard. Yes just like a junk yard but only older plumbing heating and cooling stuff. Check the yellow pages for salvage yards. The people at these places may know of a supplier that may have some old stuff around that may be new, unsold or in good condition. I know what type of sink you have and they are like starting over if you try anything else you will be tearing out the entire cabinate and backsplash. Hope this helps good luck.

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