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      I have been told that I must replace my water regulator because it is 15 years old. I am told it cannot be adjusted because of its age even though it has an adjustment screw. Current pressure is 70. I need it to be 60 for installation of new water heater. Do I have to get a new one or try to adjust it?

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      Scott Bryan

      Have you tried to adjust it? Turning the adjusting screw counter clockwise should lower the pressure.


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      Why would you need 60 pounds? 70 pounds is within the parameters for a water heater, and is the standard for a domestic water system. They ae rated for 150 pounds operating pressure and tested to 300 pounds.

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      And if it is the plumber trying to sell you a new regulator, then maybe you have the wrong plumber. He may also try to sell upgrades during the heater installation.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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