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      I had a plumber out to my house for an emergency. During the process of him fixing a broken water line he
      mentioned that I had poly pipe and that there is a class action suite where they may come out and replace the piping.
      Do you have an idea who I need to contact to get someone to come out and inspect my home? Any information will be
      greatly appriceated.
      Thank you.

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      You should contact the CPRC at 1-800-356-3496. You should also have a look at http://www.polybutylene.com.

      <b>John Griffith<b>

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      Poly Doctor

      RESPONSE: There are some sites that appear to be providing you with complete information about polybutylene. Some of these are commercial sites in the poly replacement business. They tell you what they want you to know. In fact, they do not even want you to have the class action phone numbers, even though they claim to be information sites with complete information. A better name would be Poly Info Limited for these sites. When you do see them posting a class action phone number some of these sites it is generally for someone that has already missed the deadline for filing. For example, you will see them post the phone numbers for the class actions when it is an exterior line that is older than 10 years old. If it is less than 10 years old or they are not sure, they will direct you to their site and try to sell you the job for the highest price possible.

      If you do not qualify for the class action suits do NOT simply let a contractor tell you there are no alternatives. We can provide you with alternative solutions, as well as a list of top contractors to get estimates from. You certainly need more than one or two estimates and several referrals. We will also tell you the questions to ask your contractor to make sure they have crews that are qualified to do the work in your home. For example, make sure you ask any contractor if he has left a job and the house caught fire from hotspots they left in the walls. This is a very key question.

      Also be sure to ask all companies for a few phone numbers of the references or testimonials they show you. Don’t let them select which ones if they are featured on a website. Just ask them for the names and phone numbers of the ones you want to call. You may find some surprises.

      Here are some websites with additional information :

      Polybutylene Information Help Site – http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/polybutyleneplumbing

      Polybutylene Question and Answer Forum (NEW) – http://www.deja.com/~polybutyleneplumbing/

      Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center – 800-356-3496 – http://www.kinsella.com/polybutylene/

      Spencer Class Facility – 800-490-6997 – http://www.spencerclass.com/

      Poly site that references Class Action Lawsuit filed by the insurance industry against the poly resin manufacturers -www.businessinsurance.com/mktplace/ad0308.html

      Site with Key Dates involved in the development and problems associated with polybutylene plumbing systems – http://cbc.ca/consumers/market/files/home/pipes/chronology.html

      Site with confidential documents from Shell!!! – http://tv.cbc.ca/market/files/home/pipes/memo1.html

      Canadian Homeowners – http://www.siskind.com/classpipe.html

      Canadian Homeowners – http://www.poynerbaxter.com/

      Poly Doctor

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