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      The hot water pressure in my house is low. Oftern when having a shower the hot water will reduce in pressure until it is trickling out of the nozel. The pressure in all the taps around the house is also low.

      The cold water pressure if strong enough.

      Is there any way to increase the water pressure on all the taps.

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      Not enough information to even take a wild Guess.
      1- Do you get your hot water from a tankless coil or a hot water tank?

      2- Are you on the 1st floor or the 47th floor of a co-op building?

      3- Is the piping for the H/W and the cold water the same material?

      4- Is this material copper or Galvanized wrought iron or Galvanized steel?

      5- Are you on city or well water?

      6- Do you already have a pressure booster pump?

      7- Do you have a return circulation line?

      8- Do you have any Globe valves on your hot water piping in lieu of gate or ball valves?

      9- Do you have a check valve any place in line on the hot water piping?

      10- Is this a cronic problem or did it happen reciently?

      11-what size lines are your hot water branches/main?

      12- Did anyone work on your system reciently?

      Sorry BUT without any information forget about any intelligent answer or guess good luck TRY again when you have some insight for us.


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      In reply to SyivanlMP from the other day.

      1. I have two hot water tanks in the house. Both are 135L. One is situated in the middle of the house and the other down in the garage. Both tanks are connected by pipes under the house. From looking at the pipes under the house it looks like both tanks can prov hot water to anywhere in the house.

      2. The house is a single storey house.

      3. The pipes are all under the house. Most pipes are 20cm thick with the hot water pipes have the odd pipe of 15cm. The hot water pipes are a mixture of both.

      4. All pipes, hot and cold, are copper.

      5. I am on city water and do not have a well.

      6. I am not too sure what a pressure booster is. From looking up and under the house I cannot see anything that looks anything like a pressure booster. There are valves at the top of both tanks. Under the house there are also a few taps to turn the water off. There are also a number of what looks like more valves with small taps on the bottom.

      7. By return circulation line I take it that you mean in and out??. The cold water enters from the top and the hot exits from the bottom. The top pipe ends up splitting three ways. I cannot see where they go.

      8. I am not sure what Globe, ball, or check valve are.

      9. It has been happening since we moved into the house last year.

      I hope that the above info is of some help and you are able to help.

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