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      I am the grounds keeper for a very large country club. This year the golf course suffered over $63,000 worth of damage due to flooding.

      We have drainage sumps located through out this course but the golf balls play hell when they get caught in the propeller of these these pumps. pleasehelp as I am at my wits end and a screen on these pumps only causes more problens with grass cutting blockages. Thank you so much

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      Hi Eric, OK lets use the correct terms 1st. A sewerage ejector relies on an Impeller for discharge not a fan/ plane propeller :-)

      OK now back to business. A “Sump pump” just wont remove solids properly as it is not designed to.

      What you need is more than even a sewerage ejector can provide.

      May I strongly suggest a sand/slurry/sludge pump. My personal recommendation would-be something like a sludge pump for contaminated liquids like a “Grindex” sludge pump.

      These portable submersible pumps all have vortex impellers and can give you up to 700 GPM and up to 150 Ft head (height) Solid particles up to tennis ball size can be safely discharged with little risk of clogging. The reason I would go for a slurry type of pump is the possibility of the cut grass any also contain some sand and you
      don’t need the impeller destroyed from abrasion damage from this sand

      This pump can also safely discharge drill cuttings and millscale and other abrasives particles safely.

      You could also go with a a regular sludge pump that can pump even larger particles BUT this may cause problem further down stream.

      Another factor to be considered with these types of pumps the size of the solids this kind of pump can discharge is only limited by the pumps intake which means possibly a larger pipe sizing maybe in order.

      If your worried about a heavy deluge of rain/storm water I would strongly opt for a duplex system with one cheaper sump pump raised above the erector type. The regular sump pump could handle the clear water excess that the main pump may not be able to. Also being higher mounted the clear water sump pump would not be sucking in sand/gravel or golf balls as these are heavy and would be taken up in the larger vortex of the heavy duty pump.

      To figure out your peak demand so you don’t waste money with an over kill pump. You can get a local plumber to do the following in most cases like this. I size the grounds to be drained like roof drainage by square feet and figure in my 10 year average rain fall and also go FU (fixture unit table) with the maximum pitch of a 1/2″ per foot.

      In all probable reality the percolation of the soil should be a factor in sizing this pump BUT considering you are going to size this drainage field by not only a smooth surface BUT with pitch (1/2″) you should have no problem keeping the ponding down to a minimum.

      The above should is very consertative in the actual pump sizing capabilities as no soil perculation what so ever is being taken into consideration AND the ground water seepage would be like a controlled flow in this case.

      Dont rely on just a “plumber” try to get a licensed Journeyman/woman OR A master plumber to size this.
      If you want send me an private E mail and I will size this just give me your state and town ( zip code) and I will do the rest as far as sizing based on the 10 year average. My normal “expert fee ” is $225 per hr min of 4 hours BUT in this case I will do it for free
      Have a great week end.


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