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      We’re renting, and we think our hot water cylinder is in the cieling right above the shower. Our hot water pressure is shocking, but worse some days than others. If no one is using water elsewhere in the house, and we haven’t used an unusual amount the night before, is there any reason for worse than normal pressure some mornings? Is there anything we can do for a decent shower?

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      jack spotz

      mad jac, unscrew that shower head and make sure it’s not plugged up. law says they have to have a real small orifice for the water to pass through so we leave enough water for CA & AZ. it dont take much to plug those suckers.

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      A lot of times pressure/ temperature fluctions are the direct result of galvanic corrosion in the piping system . This can also happen to non ferrous metals due to mineral build up

      The easiet thing to do is to check your shower head for possible orifice blocking.

      Sometimes the pipe size of the branches are under sized and dont allow enough volume especially during peak demands as the pressure may not be adequate to supply all fixtures at once called(pressure drop)

      Removing the flow restrictor can actually be the very worst thing you can do BECAUSE if your under this shower going full blast andsomeone flushes a toilet you can get severely scalded. There is a report all about this from the American Society Of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE).

      What can be done to help with some fluctions as you describe is to have the building owner install a pressure /temperature balancing valve that would compensate for this drastic pressure/ volume condition. Good luck and be careful


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