Toilet cistern vibrates after refilling.

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      Hi. I just moved into a new place. Sometimes after flushing, the
      toilet cistern begins to vibrate loudly and rapidly (about 200 times a
      second, I guess.) Inside the cistern there is a sort of plastic bubble,
      and when the water in the cistern rises to a certain level, the bubble
      gets dragged up and stops more water from flowing in. When the
      vibration occurs, this bubble also vibrates, and if you nudge the bubble
      a couple of times, the vibration stops.

      Has anyone seen something like this before? I would be grateful for any
      clues as to how to fix it?


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      jack spotz

      i always just change the fillvalve, the linkage is worn so this vib. is possible. not too tough and available at all hardware stores

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      Alex C

      Thanks for the info, Jack.


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