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      I recently purchased a set of gas logs from Lowe’s. I understand hooking up the logs, sealing threaded joints, and testing for leaks, regulators, ect.
      I know about the knockouts in the masonary firewall(1995 Majestic fire place), but am not quite sure of weather to drill straight through to the outside to route the tubing. Concerning the copper tubing the instructions mentioned interior tinned. What is this?


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      Your knoweledge of the gas system does not have me convinced you are the right person to install these logs.
      Beware that copper tubing, although allowed in some codes for the delivery of natural gas is not the safest.
      Natural gas has certain qualities that will over time deteriorate and weaken the structure of copper tubing.
      Your family is at stake here, save your hobbies for more safer activities. This is a job for a licensed professional.
      Good Luck
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      fourth year

      You do not mention whether it is LP or natural gas. In addition most codes require a key shutoff valve within 3 feet of the pilot light on the inside of the buiding to control the gas flow.

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