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      i have a state direct vent water heater that decided today to start leaking badly. called local plumber and says it will cost about 450.00 for the heater..is this about right…the heater itself is almost 5 years old and i can’t find the documentation to check on the warranty period…any suggestions ???????

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      Those w/h’s are expensive and sometimes unavailable. The date of manufacture is encoded in the model and serial #’s. Have your plumber check the #’s with the supply house to see if it is still under warantee. If so, you should get another w/h for free (sometimes may have to pay $25-$50 handling fee)BUT YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY THE PLUMBER FOR ANY OF HIS LABOR AND MATERIALS FOR THE JOB.

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      The first letter of the serial number is the month of manufacture. A=Jan, M=Dec, there is no I. the next two digits are the year. So if the serial number starts with F95 or later then it is under warranty.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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