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      I am working on a 16 unit aprtment
      build. And they tell me there is a water surge that come and goes. If anybody has encountered the same problem And has a remedy please let me in on the secret. THANK’S

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      City water OR well system on a private pump?

      If it is city water try to find out when this happens. A lot of times the city water pressure drops drastically during peak demands. If you install a Pressure regulating valve it should correct this problem. I had this happen on several high rise buildings 47 + stories especially with a gravity feed. Good luck


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      Thanks for the reply but this happens at all times. I asked if
      it happen at hi demand times also.This is very strange. I even
      took out gates in valves thinking
      the gate was flopping around.Its
      a real stumper A.THANKS AGAIN

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      Your more than welcome.. Good luck and please E mail me and let me know what happens


Viewing 3 reply threads
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