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        Hello, I was just wondering if anyone might have a suggestion for a consistently flooding basement? This usually happens 1-3 times per year. I believe it is from the sewer system and tree roots. My mom has the tree roots taken care of on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, as far as I know, but the people that take care of the sewers told my mom they would clean out the sewers at least every six months since she is having so much flooding. But now it is happening again. Is there anything she can do to fix this either by repair or law? I’m not sure how to help her and I feel sorry for her, as she has spent several thousand dollars in the past 15 years repairing this stuff, but still no relief in sight. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you, Melissa

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          2 things you can do find source of roots and replace the sewer with newer pipe like PVC. Be sure to destroy the source of the roots. Let me know.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

            Melissa, I have several feelings for your mom, firstly sadness that in her elderly years she should endure this hardship. secondly amazement that with the knowledge of todays technowledgy that this should happen – especially since she has spent several thousand dollars on the problem.
            I immagine you are emmanating from USA so I will address the problem with an american accent.
            These Bums that pass themselves off as Drain experts are nuthin but leaches.
            Call in a Proffessional Licenced Plumber for your Mom & get them to first Assess the Drainage & then give you a quote to fix the problem.
            This may involve an initial cost of the assessment ie Camera inspection to guage the integrity of the drainage, its position, its direction & any branches.
            This may reveal that the problem is in the Authority main & is therefore not your problem or that there is a simple remedy.
            Armed with the knowledge, you can make an intelligent decission based on fact not on supposition. You can then spend good money on good repairs or replacement.
            Regards Bob

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            Avatar photoSelgas


              I am awwwwwstruck even surprised that an aussie could amass such a collections of words containing so much information and detail – well done my Son fer an Auzzie ya is not too bad lol wink wink.

              Selgas Services Ltd
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              Avatar photoPLUMBILL

                If this is a reputable company they should come back for free since your mother is paying them to come out every 6 months, doing what they suggest and there is still flooding.

                They should also be able to give her a price to replace the bad section of sewer pipe.

                I know as we get older we don’t want to spend any more money on our house because; we just don’t know how much longer we will be living there however; in this case it is best to call a licensed plumber and have it fixed once and for all.

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