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      we have a shower stall in our basement that is probably made of metal. it has a “Pan” but we tried to put tile over it. unfortunately we didn’t use proper grout and the water melted the grout. now it’s all a mess. how do we clean this up and how can we redo the “pan” so that the shower floor is nice? please help. my teenage boys don’t like to take baths!!!

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      Have a licensed and insured plumbing contractor take out this garbage metal base and either install a terrazzo base with a “caulked” lead joint OR have the Licensed Master plumber make up a lead pan using a minimum of 30″x30″ 4 PSF sheet lead pan with a cast Iron drain. Trying to repair this enameled steel pan is a waste of time and money.


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      what about replacing the whole shower with a new unit?? would it be very expensive to have a plumber put a new shower in???
      thanks!!! kiki

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      jack spotz

      kiki, sure you can replace the whole showernd in my opinion you should. it’s not that big of a job, but yes hire a plumber. as far as price, it depends. sylvan was describing the best alternative, a custom stone or concrete and lead shower floor with beautiful tiled walls, should last many years. a lower cost alternative and what folks seem to expect in this pre-fab world is a fiberglass unit. there are some respectable ones, i prefer “sterling” brand myself. ask your neighbors, get a reference on a good plumber, and discuss your options with him, shouldn’t cost you nuthin’ for the bid. good luck kiki, and get them athletes a NEW shower!!!!!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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