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      We have a brown stain on the carpet outside of our bathtub at the end where the faucet/drain is located. It started out small and I thought it was from not shutting the shower curtain well. Now it’s larger and never completely dry, no matter how carefully or little we use the shower.

      What could be going on here, and is it something a homeowner can fix? The bathroom is drywalled and the tub has 3 acrylic walls which all have a caulk seam.

      Any help you could give would be GREAT.

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      It could be from tub itself, could be leak on water are overflow could be leaking. Your going to have to cut hole in wall and see wher it is leaking, if you have basement maybe you can see where it is comming, if not then the wall is all you can do.

      Art retired plbg

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