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      I’m thinking of purchasing a faucet off ebay that comes from Australia. Does any one know if it will be able to be compabible with North American fittings? Thanks for the help.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      linda lovelace, Australian taps have a 5/8″ female thread for the SBA or wall stop to screw into the wall stops are 5/8″BSB male iron.
      all other connections should be 1/2″ BSB.

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      From my experience in the States most of their plumbing fittings are our equivalent of 1/4 inch as they fit isolating valves under every tap outlet.
      I also think you wuill find that our Plumbing fittings are all threaded in BSP and the Americans are all in NPT which is not an easy conversion to couple to.

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      Retired plbg1

      If that is true why bother buying it everytime you have trouble you will have to contact someone over there, dont buy it. We have some good ones here, maybe you can find one here that looks like the auzie one.

      Art retired plbg

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Art, we are nice people though so any contact is appreciated.
      Pete you are right it is BSP not BSB.

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      I don’t know about faucets from down under, if it’s from China it will most likely work for awhile, I sure replace enough of them with Moen or Delta faucets.

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