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      The water pipes in the walls are creaking and it seems to be getting worse. My house is only 8 years old. I notice it most often when I flush the toilet or use the dishwasher or washing machine. What could be causing this and how do I get it fixed?

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      What sounds like creaking could possibly be “water hammer” hydrolic shock waves, which if left unchecked will destroy your water supply piping. This condition mostly happens with fast closing valves like solenoids from a dish washer/ washing machine /or even some flushometers or ball cocks.

      If it is getting worse over the last few years it could be you may have a slight increase in water pressure which inturn would cause an increase in velocity (FPS).
      You could also have an “air chamber”/shock asorber that has become water logged and no longer acting as a cushion for the normal shock waves that can occur though some poorly designed plumbing systems.

      You could in the mean time check your exposed piping especially on long runs for a possible missing hanger and have someone open and close a valve quickly as you search the piping making the most noise THEN support it properly or install an air chamber that can be serviced OR install an trol tank to take the shock wave hit. Good luck andhave a great week end


Viewing 1 reply thread
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