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      I live in an apartment with a traditional 5×8 bathroom. the current bathroom configuration includes a shower/tub on the far left, a toilet in the middle, and a sink on the far right. The door to the bathroom is currently next to the sink and gives to my bedroom. I would like to “put” the door on the other side of the bathroom where the shower is currently located so that guests would not have to go through my bedroom to use the bathroom. To do so, i would need to move my shower to where my sink is currently located (and vice versa).

      Is it difficult, from a plumbing’s perspective, to “swap” the sink and shower? (i.e., put the shower where the sink is located and vice versa).

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      While it can be done, we’re talking extensive repiping. In order to get to the piping either the bathroom floor or the ceiling down below is going to have to be opened up (depending on if you’re on the first floor or above). You are looking at a major project, but definitely “do-able”

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      Take sh. out and find stack to put in tee for the sink, if stack is loacated in right spot, The sink drain for sh. has to be 2or3″ depending on your sh. If sink pupe isthq right size well it just has to be roughted in, if there is plumbing on same line above then you will run into some problemsm better have a Plbg. come and look at it, how about the apt. owner is he going to let you do this work. You need permits and maybe tests.

      Art retired plbg

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