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      my toilet gurgle and no one can seem to find out the reason why. i live in a apartment building, and the usually happen when someone else is using their washing machine. management has taken up the toilet and rodded it out, has had a sewage company come and rod the sewage, and even went on the roof and rodded that, and now they are at a lost as to what is causing the problem. do you have any suggestions that i might could pass on. this problem is becoming ignoring, and plus is i happen to flush the toilet whie this process is going on the toilet have a tendency of overflowing. please help!!!

      thanking you inadvance for any help that might be rendered.


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      Did they snake the wash machine line? Did they snake the entire main line out to the street? Did they inspect the toilet “vents”, the little holes that are around the upper inside rim of the bowl (if these get plugged with calcium deposits or whatnot it will make the toilet not flush properly).

      If all else and the above has been tried and it’s still a problem I would guess that the entire system needs a look at by a competent plumber. It could be that the current drainage system is outdated or can’t handle the capacity of a washing machine and toilet both discharging at same time, especially if any washing machines are new… could need larger diameter drain or larger main line. Or, it could be improperly installed (drain line to wash machine may have improper bends, 90’s, or other fittings that impede the discharge flow and cause it to back up into the toilet line). The entire drainage system needs an inspection most probably.

      EDIT; The sewer and drain companies should try and camera the lines in order to see what may be the problem/blockage.

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      Sounds like there could be something in the bowl are the line has a blockage where the Wash machine connects. Take a 5Gal. bucket of water and dump it in bowl real fast and see if it takes the water, if tghe bowl fills up then you know there is something in bowl are close in the pipe. You could try new bowl too. Let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      The poster says that they took up the toilet and snaked (rodded) the toilet line. I would think that when they did this they checked the underside of the toilet including it’s trap? One never knows I suppose…

      Again, the bowl’s vent/s should be checked or poked out as well, but this would’nt cause the wash mach drain to come up in the toilet line. So that leaves me to believe it’s either the wash mach line is plugged, or the wash mach is a newer installation, and as such many newer machines in comparison to older ones have much higher flow rates on discharge as they pump out, and this at times can overtax older drain lines and systems that were’nt designed to handle the extra capacity these newer machines pump in, and camera job on the lines may show this or an incorrectly installed line.

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