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      The cold tap in the kitchen makes a very loud whine when turned on. It goes off only if it is turned on very hard. No other tap is affected. It’s been going on for a while, not sorting itself out. No changes were made that may have triggered it.

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      Shut water off to the faucet and remove the cold side stem. Replace the seat washer, inspect brass seat for wear, use plumber’s grease on all moving parts when reinstalling and make sure that the seat screw is firmly holding the washer to the stem.

      Snug up packing nut to disallow unnecessary movement of stem. Not too tight, just enough to allow easy turning without much effort. Too loose will produce a leak directly under the handle.


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      You called it a tap!
      Do you come from Australia??
      Did you last use a domed type washer??
      If so
      1. take the tap top assembly from the tap body.
      2. inspect the seat, if corroded or scored get a
      proffessional tap reseater, (aprox $100) I would
      recommend Hydroseal.
      3. after reseating get a good quality valve (flat washer)
      4. reinstall the tap with the new washer.
      Alternativly get a pair of “Ram” 3/4 turn C/D Stop tops & handles, be very carefull in both installing the “RAM” tap tops & the reseating. It will possibly be more cost effective to employ a Plumber.

      Regards Bob

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      Hey they may even be Kiwi or a Pom ya know lol

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Sorry **** Peter
      We are not allowed to use “Mate” any more, so I suppose we will have to remember names now.
      I appologise profusely, I am at present lying Prosrate & flagilating myself. I was unaware that Kiwi’s called tap’s tap’s.
      My son is in New Zealand at the moment, he is staying in the Pub, he is about 6ft 8 tall with a three ft wife & 3 kids, if you see him, say hello.

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      You sounded like a true blue Aussie. Could you tell me what you think of Aqualoc tap valves (an Aussie invention, I believe) and whether they are value for money for domestic use at A$31.00 a pair compared with other tap valves at A$2.50 each at the most.


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Bloke I sertunly am a Ozzie. First time I have heard of “Aqualoc”, I have checked the site out & they seem great, the endorsments are good but then I suppose they will never put in adverse endorsements.
      I would give them a go if I knew a supplier, I will check that out.

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