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      Don Graham

      I want to install a new sink with a cabinet underneath. I know the first thing i need to do is shut the water off. But from there….i have no idea.

      The thing that bothers me about doing this is connecting the water lines. Do they make water lines that don’t need to be soldered?


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      Retired plbg1

      If you do not have stops under the sink then you will have to trace water lines back to main shut off, maybe you got valves in the lines as you head back. If water comes out of walll cut off pipe pipe 3-1/2″ from wall if you have enough pipe if not cut off pipe as close to thjat as you can. They make stopd for copper with comprssen nuts so you don have to solerlso make flexable tubes to connect If they come through floorvthen you will have to entend copper up through floor with compression coupling and use compression straight stops and tubes for the faucet . Need anyore help let me know. you can go to and look up the stops and fitting there, are go to

      Art retired plbg

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