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      I am building several “slings” from copper tubing and sweat fittings. These slings are used by our high school crew club to support long racing shell type crew boats. I have used 3/4″ cupper tubing and fittings to make several of these slings. The slings are built with cross-pieces (somewhat like a folding chair; the cross-pieces are joined to vertical pieces by 45 degree elbows. The vertical pieces support a horizontal piece over which a fabric sling is draped; the boat then rests in the sling. The whole arrangement resembles an old-fashioned laundry basket support. I have had two failures (so far) in 45 degree elbows. The elbows themselves failed.

      I am seeking a stronger 45 degree elbow that I can sweat onto 3/4 inch cupper tubing. I believe that if I could find a 3/4″ BRASS 45 degree elbow that I could sweat to copper tubing, it would solve my problem.

      Can you offer any advice or point me in the direction of a supplier?

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      Check with your supplier to see if they can get Mueller cast brass solder fittings. Or contact www. for a local supplier.

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