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      A couple of questions please. This is located in Mexico. I have a pressure system hooked up to a roof top water tank. Water comes into a underground cement box for storage. From here it is pumped up to a roof top storge tank. Next it is gravity fed down 2 stories to a pressure unit, next it passes through a whole house water filter, then it is sent throughout the house.
      Even with the pressure unit, we do not have USA quality water pressure. The plumber has told us that the pressure unit is a good large unit used for up to 50 psi. the gauge on the tank always reads 30 psi. I have asked the plumber to increase the pressure but, he has told me that copper pipes that are lead soldiered will not hold more pressure and that the pipes would need silver soldier to handle more pressure.
      Do any of you have any suggestions? Thank you. Joe

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      First of all, copper doesnt have to be silver soldered in order to hold 50psi. I use regular old 95/5 solder on copper waterline which are then tested to 125psi without any problems. My own home has 110psi coming into a pressure reducing valve which is throttled down to 70psi and nope, not a single fitting has been silver soldered.
      I dont know what the industry standards for Mexico are, but even if the waterlines were soldered with 50/50 solder, they will take the 50psi just fine.

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      Thank you for that information which I will be using next time in Mexico.
      If the pressure gauge on the pressure tank reads 30psi, does this mean that the pressure is only 30psi? and that I should be able to increase it. How do you increase the pressure on these units?
      This plumber has not given me any paper work with this install, so I am at a complete loss of how to work with this unit

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      Only time you really need to “silver solder” copper is if it’s going to be buried.

      Far as increasing pressure in the tank, if it’s a boiler tank type (sorry I’m not familiar with what is used particularly in your scenario) it is done with a pump and there should be an inflator type device somewhere on the tank body to attach a hand pump to. I would’nt recommend doing it until you have read the manual and recommendations.

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      No, it is not a boiler. The water is gravity fed from a roof top storage tank down to the pressure unit. The pressure unit is a large tank connected to a electric motor and pump. This unit sends water throughout the house.
      On this pressure tank is a gauge that always reads 30psi. The plumber told me that our tank is a large 50 psi unit.
      Does this mean that I can increase the pressure units pressure to 50 psi and if so, how do I do this?

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      Get the name of the unit and mail them and ask them how you increase press. we dont know what you have so we cant realy give you a direct answer, let us know who the MFG. is.

      Art retired plbg

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