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      john smith

      I have a fibreglass shower pan which was not installed
      on a bed of concrete. Now, everytime you move your feet, you hear a big squeaky noise which is the fibreglass rubbing against the plywood subfloor. The rest of the shower is slate tile. Is there a way I can fix this without removing the pan which will require the removal of the bottom course of tiles and shower door?

      Thanks in advance

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      You could try, and I emphasize the word TRY, to fill the area under the showerpan with expandable spray foam. Before you do this, weight down the showerpan with something heavy enough to keep it from being pushed up by the foam. This process may require you to remove some drywall on the backsides of the shower walls. Again, this is a “try” kind of thing….no guarantees that it will work.

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      Retired plbg1

      My daughter bought a house that had a Fiberglass shower that did the same, lucky we could get to the wall which was exposed and we cut drywall and plate on floor and mixed up fine dry sand and cement and forced it under the shower, you can get around the sides but in the middle is hard, it helped most of the time but she says it makes noise sometime. Yrs. after I thought that we could have went into basement and drilled holes in floor and shot that foam underneith, but that is risky too drilling holes you might drill through sh. Try at one end you might cut out drywall and make an excess panel out of it for future use. Good luck.

      Art retired plbg

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      I have an idea – could i just unscrew the drain screen and prop up the middle of the drain pan about an inch so I can get some clearance to put either foam or cement under there? How do most of those drain screens remove? I thought I would ask b/c I do not know how flimsy those drain pans are – it seems like it may be possible – I think I would just need an inch or so.


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      The shower pan has a lip on it that is behind the wall tile. The only way you’ll get even a fraction of an inch out of it is to remove the bottom row of tile. In addition, unless it is a “no caulk” shower drain assembly, the drain and the riser from the trap will be solvent welded together. Removing the strainer isnt going to get you anything but access to the drain for augering.

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