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      donald lyons

      We have this shower in the basement of our house that used to work just fine. One night, perfect, and then the next day there was no pressure (water just dribbles out of the shower head). Any ideas?

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      Could be any number of things.

      Possibly a clogged shower head….remove showerhead, clean out debris, soak it in vinegar overnight, reinstall.

      Maybe debris in the valve body at the cartridge(s) or stems/seats. Remove cartridge(s) or stems/seats, have someone slowly open main water to flush valve, reinstall new cartridge(s) or stems/seats. Note: I recommend new parts since you’ve got the old ones already out.

      Could be a clog in your waterlines. This usually occurs with old galvanized waterlines. Get a plumber….

      There are other possibilities. No way to really determine what the problem is without seeing it. If you dont feel comfortable getting elbows deep in this project, you should call a plumber and let a pro remedy the situation.

      Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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