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        We just bought a 3 yr. old home with an upstairs laundry room. This is our 3rd time to do laundry and the first time our downstairs bathroom has flooded. It appears to be from the washing machine because the shower and toilet were full of lenty water and it soaked the whole floor of the room. Could there be a clog in the drain pipe? This is a used Washer that was just hooked up.

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          Yes it does sound as if you have a clog. You need to call out a plumber to auger out your drain. Some people try to do this on their own, but soon find that their auger is either too short, the cable is too small or a combination of the two. Since the laundry room is on the upper floor and the first floor shower and toilet are backing up, the clog is further down the line than the first floor fixtures.

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