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      My bathtub spigot is leaking a steady stream. Can a very novice handyperson fix this, or do I need to dig out my checkbook? Where do I start? I’m the stereotypical girl when it comes to fix-it stuff, but with detailed directions I’ve been able to figure out some repair work.

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      A competent handyperson can easily fix a leaking tub valve, as long as it’s rebuildable.
      To give any advice, I’d need to know the specific brand of faucet. Is it a Price Pfister? Kohler? Delta? Etc.
      Most all tub valves use replacable valve stems and seats. In your case, I’d assume it’s one or the other or both. You’ll have to shut off the water supply (if your particular model valve does’nt have built-in shut offs like some do). You’ll need at least an adjustable wrench, possibly a seat puller, and a valve stem socket with cheater bar.
      If you can post back what brand it is I could possibly help further with more detailed instructions.

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      I should add, that the previously mentione tools are’nt always necessary, depending on what kind of valve and stems/cartridges it takes. But don’t sweat it, even if you need them (like on the older Price Pfister’s) they don’t cost much and can be bought at any Lowe’s or HD.

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      If you get the name of faucet are want to look how different ones come apart and give you idea how to work on yours by looking at one like it go to. http://www.plumbingpartsdepot.com and they show drwaing of almost all faucets take a look and click on tub faucets 1 handle,2 hansel are 3.

      Art retired plbg

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      Hey Art, that’s a cool site. Thanks for posting the URL.
      On an off topic note, I got an emergency call just last night, no hot water in an apt. building. Turned out after I crawled down into one of the worst crawl spaces I’ve ever seen (tenant pointed out 2 spiders crawling around on me when I came back up!!) that a tub valve was pouring hot water out the spout, and the Amtrol that supplied domestic hot water could’nt keep up. I have on hand parts for most Moen and Price Pfister valves….but alas, this was some ancient Sterling valve, and none of my odd valve stems/seats/washers even came close, and to top it off, the seat in the diverter was stripped and would’nt budge (you can use an Easy-Out on these, but why bother when the seat you need does’nt exist?). I did however have a new tub valve manifold….so it was fun ripping out the front tub surround panel, drywall and old valve until 2 in the morning!

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