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      The bathtub in our 4th floor apartment has begun to creak when we shift in it. It has not done it in the months prior but just started. It sounds as if it is coming from below. Should we be worried about it falling?

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      You mean the tub is breaking are just making a noise, sounds like when you fill it with water the joice are cracking. Could be a bad joice are not enough supprt for weigh, are if you have PVC pipe it could be making a noise, all I can say is expose ceiling below and check it out.

      Art retired plbg

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      If the problem isn’t quite so bad as what Art suggests, your floor may have settled a bit, and the tub might just need to be shimmed and rebraced. Floors under tubs need to be reinforced, usually with double joists and some extra blocking. The carpenters sometimes forget to do this. If so, you may need to sister the joists under the tub.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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