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      I installed a Bradford White electric hot water heater and later found out the two 2000 Watt heaters are wired for no-simultaneous operation; instaed of getting the 4000 Waats that I need I’m only getting a total of 2000 Watts resulting in slow recovery rate. I would like to re-wire for simultaneous operation, I have a 30 Amp breaker with #6 wire service. has anyone tried converting a no-simultaneous operation over to a simultaneous operation. I know this is more of an electrical question than a plumbing question.

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      I called tech support, he said i’d have to replace the whole unit. I’m sure there is an easier way; Im checking with electricians. If the wiring size is adequate, I don’t see any problem, worse case, i’d have to upgrade the internal wiring; easier than replacing the whole unit.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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