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      Okay I came back from vacation today and switched my water heater from the “Vacation” Low Setting to Warm. Now I have hot water coming out of the discharge line at a rapid pace (I filled up a 5 gallon bucket in about 20 minutes). Do I have a leak? Or is this because the inside water has gone from cool or warm to quickly? Any recommendations before I call the plumber at 1 am??

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      Okay a little more information. What has water coming out of it is the discharge line from the temperature & pressure relief valve. While my husband was emptying the second 5 gallons of water that came out, I ran inside and turned the kitchen sink to hot and let it run for a bit. This stopped the water outside to a tiny drip.

      So did the water inside the heater go from cold to hot to quickly thus causing the expanding hot water to drip out? If so I am guessing things will return to normal now that we are home and the water will be used again?

      Thanks for any reply’s from a very stressed first time home owner

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      When you switched the water temp. it built up press. fast and it had to go some where and it did, thats what they are on heater for, what kind of water press. you got comming into building, if it is high and you dont have PRV on the line you should have one installed, if you have high press. and high heated water it will pop off. If it keeps up have Plumber check it out and see what you need.

      Art retired plbg

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      With all due respect to RP, there is something wrong with your water heater system if yoour TPR valve discharges at 1/4gal per minute just because you turned on the heater. TPR valves are set to open at specific pressures and temps {both UPC and IRC require that TPRVs be set below 150psi and 210 degF}.

      I suspect a faulty TPR valve. Replace it, since it costs about $7. If the problem persists, you may have a scaled up tank, in which cae you need to replace that too.

      BTW, “hot water heater” is redundant, unless you are talking about a water heater that heats pre-heated water. I don’t want to appear pedantic, but this expression, “hot water heater” kind of irritates me.


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      Just shooting at the moon, but is there any sort of expansion tank in line with this “heater”?

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