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      Hello there:

      I am trying to get an idea as to the cost to build some public restrooms. I am in the very early planning stages and trying to put together a rough budget for the whole project. Plumbing is an area where I have no idea as to the costs. If I were to post a description of what I wanted, could I get some general information from the group?



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      jack spotz

      i doubt you could ever post “enough” info, call a plumber in your area and get a price directly, don’t be shy, you could build a great relationship!

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      Hey Rob, the cost of “plumbing” varies all across the world.

      You have to consider materials allowed under your code and Barrier free designs and ADA codes and the type of fixtures your going to use. I would strongly suggest if your going to get into this kind of work you either get a set of APPROVED plans and have Licensed Master Plumbers give you a price based on them OR if your just concerned about how to price out these jobs look to the “Means” books.

      The Means estimating books are fantastic for every aspect of construction and even takes into consideration local union wages.

      Remember one thing on “commerical work” The plumbing contractor is normally reponsible for the grab bars/ chair carries etc. and the installation of them.

      Have a really good set of job specifications BESIDES the final approved plans to get a proper price without the headache of “extra’s”..Rule of thumb for residencial work I get about $1,200-$1,500 PER FIXTURE But Im slightly high as I wont use plastic GARBAGE and strictly Cast Iron drainage and vents. Good luck.
      I am Co Owner of a Master Plumbers site so if you NEED the services of a great plumber in your Area JUST E mail me

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