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      I am a builder with a brand new house. My problem is when my neighbor turns on his sprinklers it sends a vibation in my water lines. We share the same lateral as it tees off and feeds both our houses. His sprinkler system is connected just past his meter without a regulator. My house has a regulator and a water arrestor[water hammer] with around 50 lbs of pressure but still the vibration continues. It stops if I turn my water line off at either the meter or the stop and waste valve. I am now thinking a check valve. Any advice or possible cures and I am all ears. Thanks g

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      Try fitting a non return valve after the regulator

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      Sounds like there is a loosewasher in a valve that doing vibrating.

      Art retired plbg

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      I’m kinda with you on this one Retired Plumba however I would not go past the possibility that the problem my be with your neighbours supply valves – you would need to check both installations given that they both come off the same supply a fluctuation at either supply line could result in your problem.

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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