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      david Woodard

      Our vacation home has well water with a jet pump and a “Jacuzzi Hydro Cell” as the pressure tank. It could be my imagination but the pump seems to be running alot more often and I’ve noticed a certain amount of pressure differential at the faucet. I went to check the tank pressure but it has no shraeder (spelling?) valve. It has two fittings that look like they’re to accomodate compression fittings. They are at either end of the horizontally mounted tank. The tank is small, maybe 6 gallons or less. It puts out 3 qts between running. I emptied it of water like an unpressurized tank and it made minimal difference. Is anyone familiar with this tank? Is this amount of drawdown the best that I can expect from this unit? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      I have very limited experience with them but it is old technology and should be replaced IMO. The mroe drawdown the less pump motor starts the longer the pump lasts.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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