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      Please tell me I don’t have to replace it…

      I have an 11 year old hwh and it has water on the floor around the base… It is about a 3ft. diameter circle of wet cement around it every 12-24 hours… What can I do to avoid replacing it

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      There should be a pipe that comes from the side or top of tank from a brass valve. This is a T&P valve.

      Put a small bucket under this pipe and see if it fills up.

      If it does, you will need to either replace the valve, install a PRV, or an expansion tank.

      If the tank is leaking, you have to buy a new water heater. Tanks cannot be fixed.

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      Check the drain valve on the side of the tank to make sure it is not leaking.If it is ,just replace it.

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      An 11 yo water heater has met its life expectancy. Yes, it may be leaking from the TPO valve and you could reolace thate and get a couple of more years service out of it…

      My advice is to just replace the WH…


Viewing 3 reply threads
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